On this page we will answer you all frequently asked questions to our individual erotic holiday offer and your stay at our property.


Our Covid-19 hygiene protocol

Since 1st of July our property is open again. As the health of our guests is our top priority, we strictly implement the rules prescribed and recommended in Spain as follows:

  • Availability of masks and hand disinfectants for the guests
  • Thorough disinfection of rooms and public areas
  • protodaily cleaning of the sunbeds and the pool area with disinfectant
  • Hand disinfectant available in all public areas
  • Increased cleaning of surfaces with frequent contact
  • Wash bed linen and towels at high temperature
  • Greater distance between the tables and disinfection
  • Wash dishes and cutlery at more than 80 degrees
  • Individual service for breakfast and dinnern
  • Food service only with mask and gloves

Who do we talk to with our erotic holiday offer?

With our exclusive holiday offer we appeal to liberal nudists and active swingers. Our holiday concept is specifically tailored to the individual needs and wishes of the international superior sophisticated audience. At our secluded, spacious property, we have created a heaven of pleasure, where you can live out your erotic fantasies and sexual desires openly and without taboos throughout the year with us, liberal singles and tolerant couples.

Age limit

For new guests we speak targeted couples and singles in the age of 25 to max. 65 years old. This age limit does not apply to the "more mature" semesters of our regular guests, some of whom have been visiting us for 10 years, whom we know personally, cherish humanely and with whom we have grown older together.

Guest profile

We like people who are positive, who are communicative and open, who can spontaneously realize their erotic fantasies and live their sexuality authentically. In addition to style and level, charm and esprit, we attach importance to a neat appearance and appropriate manners.


Is the swinger mansion also suitable for beginners?

Beside experienced swingers newbies are welcome at our place at anytime. We offer specially seminars for newbies and introduce you into the fascinating world of the swinger lifestyle, make you confied with the erotic rules and help you how to turn your erotic wishes into reality.

Can we be naked everywhere and live out our sexuality?

Our villa is set lonely and alone in the middle of a nature reserve. The huge area is not overlooked and the guests can live out their erotic fantasies naked and sexual pleasure without any restrictions, both in the premises as well as on the entire grounds anywhere. To feel the sun on bare skin part in the warm summer months belongs the same way to the holiday feeling like rollicking sex at or in the pool and erotic pleasure on the sun beds, sun islands and play areas. At our villa it is always very unconventional and liberally. The liberal attitude of the guests, the many ways to play and the exclusive ambience create an erotic holiday mood and sexually stimulating atmosphere.


Are also single males and females welcome?

We are one of very few providers worldwide that accept both female and male singles. In recent years, we have consistently had good experiences with it and our regular guests, like us, see it as an erotic enrichment. However, we only consider reservations of singles in the periods where we have already present bookings from couples who love a slight men or women surplus and also match their erotic preferences and sexual orientation.

How is it handled with condoms?

This subject is discussed very controversial under swingers and every person carries the sole responsibility for the risk that he is willing to take. Since we are all adult people, everyone should decide for themselves, and with his partner, if you having sex with other swingers use condoms or not. Everywhere on the beds, play areas, sun islands, love swings, massage tables and outdoor beds lay high quality condoms and tissue boxes for the guests. Of course you are free to bring your own, favorite condoms and use them.

How is the dresscode during the stay?

During the stay at our property, guests can move on the ground and in the premises anywhere freely and naked. Only in the morning for breakfast and for dinner we ask for appropriate clothes.

Dresscode 1Dresscode 2Dresscode 3

For dinner, we expect from our guests that they dress a bit erotic. Especially the ladies style quit sexy, experience has shown!  Hot Clubwears and sexy outfits with high heels are announced besides seductive lingerie. The Gourmet knows the eye eats too! The Gentlemen prefer, the season and the temperatures accordingly, usually sportive and casual attire. By the way, demanding women know to appreciate also men in erotic outfits...

Do you also accept day visitors?

Every season we receive requests from holidaymakers who spend their holidays in the region and would like to get to know our swinger mansion or take part in one of our events. Our guests attach great importance to their privacy and would like to stay among themselves, so we generally do not accept day visitors. The minimum stay on our property is 3 nights.

Erotic forums and swinger communities

In the meantime, we have been successful on the market for 10 years and have our own groups of several thousand members in almost all major international erotic forums and swinger communities. Over the years, we have had extensive experience with fake profiles, outdated or incorrect photos, and commentary on our erotic holiday offer. For these reasons, in general, we do not judge future holiday guests by their "virtual life" in erotic forums, swinger communities or social networks, but only after the personal experience and current photos.



We select our audience in the run-up to age, interests, sexual orientation and inclination and pronounce appropriate recommendations and suitable date suggestions already during the vacation requests. For this reason our erotic holiday offer is not to be booked through travel agencies, booking portals or tour operators but only exclusively through our website. So we can guarantee the level of our guests and ensure the high standards of our holiday concept.

Are there certain rules or house rules?

As intellectual and free-thinking people, we have a strong aversion to standards, regulations and rules. Since we assumed that our guests have beside style and level in addition also a good nursery and adequate manner, we want to be understood the following discussion more than a "guide and support" for a pleasant, relaxing and very satisfying vacation at our swinger property. But experience has shown, that it doesn`t work at our swinger villa without certain rules!

  • Among swingers an open door is an "invitation". So if you want to be undisturbed, alone or with other playmates on your room, you should close the door behind you to signal so the desire for intimacy.

  • We presuppose under swingers mutual respect, tolerance and the necessary polite manners. True to the old swinger motto "Everything can but nothing must" we expect each guest to accept a nice "no" without discussion.

  • For hygienic reasons we ask our guests to always use the towels when using the sunbeds, play areas, cushions and seat groups.

  • Smoking at our mansion is only allowed in the outdoor area and on the roof terrace.
  • The consumption of self-brought drinks is not allowed on our property. Our drinks card offers a wide selection of soft drinks, fruit juices, coffees, beers, long drinks, cocktails, sangria, champagne and fine wines at very fair prices. On request you can book in addition a drinks inclusive package for 25,- Euros per person and day, where all drinks are included during your stay.

  • In the right holiday mood and in good company the controlled consumption of alcohol is not a problem. However, every guest should know his "limits".

  • The use of drugs in any form is strictly forbidden on our property! Violations result in the immediate departure.