The hosts

At this point we would like to introduce ourselves as hosts and bring you closer to the two people, who met with this concept their personal dream. We are an attractive couple, happily married and for eleven years now living in Spain. It corresponds to our swinger philosophy to live out inspiring eroticism and passionate sex with the guests. As we are financially independent, for us primarily the sexual fun stands in the foreground and not the business aspect. Therefore we see us not only in the role of host, but live our desire and sexuality also very much authentic with the holiday guests.


As experienced swingers we love the high art of the eroticism and live our sexuality authentically, excessively and without taboos with other people. In addition to style and class, charm and spirit, we attach particular importance to a neat appearance and refined manners. We love sex in extraordinary places and in spontaneous situations, celebrate the high art of eroticism also occasionally in imaginative role-playing games, mystical scenarios and BDSM sessions. Another sexual passion of us is the erotic nude photography and handmade, private porn videos.


Stefanie is 40 years old, 165 cm tall (without high heels), slim and pretty busty. This "Femme Fatale" has a distinct bi inclination, lives out her erotic fantasies and desires very actively and enjoys authentic, lustful and passionate sex. In addition to her preference for attractive women, she favors refined, horny trio games, being the greedy girl with selected men who have a correspondingly good empathy and stamina. Dominant, very excessive games and scenarios like "Eyes Wide Shut" give her a special kick!


Matthias is 61 years old, 185 cm tall, muscular and trained. He is very dominant, sexually experienced and sophisticated. This man is insatiable and persevering, celebrates excessive sex up to complete ecstasy. He has several erotic faces ... tender, charming and humorous ... but he can also be demanding, wild and passionate. Through his profession as a dance teacher, he has a high body consciousness and sensitive empathy. Matthias is fixed sexually exclusively to the female sex and loves attractive, self-confident and strong women.

The swinger lifestyle is an essential part of us and we both have a very strong libido. For erotic stimuli we are both very receptive, we like sexy flirting, charming compliments and love the refined seduction. For hot sex we prefer charming men with the necessary stamina and empathy, attractive women with a distinct bi inclination and active couples with swingers experience. We love persevering, uninhibited, dirty and sometimes rough sex. With the mutual sympathy, the right attraction and erotic charm we do not need a long lead time, and live out our desire spontaneously and actively.

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As experienced swingers we take but also for us to claim that the appropriate sympathy, the right chemistry and certain erotic appeal must be available towards the guest in order to have satisfactory sex with each other. "Swinging" means "give and take" for us!