Life Coaching

Who does not know that? We are determined to do more sports, eat healthier food or spend more time with the family - and yet we can not do it. Or we need a change, but we do not really know what, when, how and where. If we are unaware of our values and goals, we live past them and find ourselves in situations with which we are dissatisfied. We torture ourselves to work, are unhappy in our relationship, can not live our sexuality satisfactorily, or find it difficult to make the right choices. Often it is also incisive life events or the transition to a new phase of life, which require a reorientation.


Life coaching offers individual support for more success in all areas of life such as sexuality, partnership, health, work, self-determination and spirituality. The goal of this "life training" is to achieve one's personal goals and dreams and to find fulfillment and meaning in life.

The Life Coach accompanies you in your self-discovery phase and helps you to free yourself from the crisis of meaning through self-reflection. Through targeted questions and detailed discussions, he provides you with a clear view of your strengths, weaknesses, goals and needs. It helps you identify and resolve blockages and problems, helping you to realize your potential and to make positive changes in one or more areas of your life. Through clear priorities, concrete goals and an individual "training plan" you will learn to develop your personality freely and start taking your life into your own hands.

We are pedagogically and psychologically trained and have many years of professional experience in life and personal coaching. For interested singles and couples, we offer one-week "Life Coaching" stays with the following main focuses:

  • fulfilled and satisfying sexuality
  • healthy Eating
  • physical fitness
  • self-realization
  • unfolding the personality
  • self-determined life
  • inner balance and satisfaction
  • holistic attitude of life

Our life coaching program is supported by exercises in the areas of tantra, yoga and tai chi and a daily 30-minute fitness workout.

The price amounts for a single 3.000,- Euro and for a couple 3.600,- Euro and includes:

  • 7 nights in apartment with own bath/WC incl. bathrobes and hairdryer
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • Dinner (3-plates-menue)
  • daily 2 hours individual "Life Coaching"
  • Towels and pool towels
  • Free Wifi access