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Your Hosts

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as your host and bring you closer to the two people who have fulfilled their personal dream with this concept. We are an attractive couple, happily married and have been living in Spain for 17 years now. It corresponds to our individual attitude to life, sexual orientation and natural disposition that we share our lust and sexuality with other people and live it out together with them. We have been active in the international swinger lifestyle and in the BDSM scene for many years. Since we are financially independent, the primary focus for us is on sexual fun and not on the business aspect. That’s why we not only see ourselves in the role of hosts, but also like to live out our lust and sexuality authentically with the holiday guests.

As experienced swingers, we love the high art of eroticism and live out our sexuality authentically and passionately with other people. In addition to style and class, charm and esprit, we place particular value on a well-groomed appearance and cultivated manners. We love sex in unusual places and in spontaneous situations, occasionally we also like to celebrate the fine art of eroticism in imaginative role-playing games, mystical scenarios and sessions. Another passion of us is the erotic photography and private videos with adequate playing partners.

The hosts Matthias and Stefanie
The hosts Stefanie

Stefanie is 165 cm tall (without high heels), slim, well proportioned and busty. This “femme fatale” has a pronounced bi tendency, implements her erotic fantasies and desires very spontaneously and lives out her sex life authentically, lustfully and passionately. In addition to her preference for attractive women, she favors sophisticated, horny trio games and exclusive male surplus with selected men who have a correspondingly good empathy and stamina. Stefanie loves to be pampered by several men at the same time and to be satisfied to the point of total ecstasy. Dominant, very excessive types of play and mystical scenarios such as “Eyes-Wide-Shut” give her a very special sexual kick.

Matthias is 185 cm tall, athletic, sporty and trained. The pronounced dominance is underlined by his physical presence and strength of character. With his pronounced charisma, dominant nature and high intellect, he involuntarily casts a spell over women. He gives you the feeling of being a woman, intuitively senses your erotic fantasies and most secret desires and finds your dark side. Matthias is sexually very experienced and demanding, has a pronounced libido and celebrates the art of eroticism at a high level. Through his trained profession as a dance teacher, he has a very pronounced body awareness and sensitive empathy. Privately, this “alpha wolf” fascinates strong and self-confident ladies who can define their lust and live out their sexual inclinations, desires and fantasies without taboos.

The hosts Matthias and Stefanie