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We offer very erotic “yoni massages” for women and “lingam massages” for men. This very intimate tantra experience, including the yoni or lingam massage, lasts 60 minutes and can be booked at any time during your stay on site The tantra massages can be performed by Stefanie or Matthias individually or by both.


By tantric massages

  • you strength your sexual energy
  • the luck hormones are released in the brain
  • the immune system is strenghtened
  • blockades can be solved in the seven energy centres
  • you learn to count on your feel, your intuition
  • you dissolve muscle spannings and mental strains

The whole body is caressed and massaged with various massage techniques. The flow of energy is stimulated, the senses open and the body is sensitized. According to the tantric philosophy, the whole body is caressed and stimulated, including the intimate area.

The price is 300,- €. for one person and 450,- €. for a couple.