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Terms & Conditions

Booking and Payment

After receiving and checking your booking, you will receive a confirmation of your booking from us by e-mail. With your booking confirmation, 50% of the total amount is due as a deposit.

For bookings within 6 weeks before arrival or for bookings of less than 7 nights stay, the total amount is due for payment with the booking confirmation.

The amount is to be transferred within 3 days to the account specified in the booking confirmation. Payment by credit card is not possible.

The balance must be paid on our account latest 6 weeks before arrival.

If the specified payment deadlines are not met, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without setting a grace period.


If you have to cancel your booking for whatever reason, please let us know in writing.

Deposit payments already made of 50% of the travel sum will either expire in favor of the organizer or can be converted into a credit note by paying the remaining sum.

Refund and Credit Note

We have a no refund policy. Therefore a refund of the already paid travel sum is not possible. If you have already paid for your stay in full, you will receive a credit note from us for the total amount of your booking, which you can use to rebook your stay free of charge. This credit is valid for 12 months from the date you originally planned your holiday at our mansion.

House rules

As intellectual and free-thinking people, we have a very strong aversion to norms, regulations and rules. We assume that our guests not only have style and class, but also appropriate manners. That’s why we want the following explanations to be understood more as “signposts and orientation aids” for a very harmonious, relaxing and also sexually satisfying holiday. Our experience shows that unfortunately at our Swinger Mansion it doesn’t work without certain rules!

  • An open door is considered an “invitation” in the swinger scene. So if you want to use the playrooms undisturbed, alone or with other playmates, you should make sure to close the door behind you to signal the desire for privacy.
  • For reasons of hygiene, we ask our guests to put a bath towel underneath when using the lying areas, cushions and play equipment.
  • Smoking is only permitted outside and on the roof terrace.
  • The consumption of drinks you have brought with you is not permitted on our property. Our drinks menu card offers a large selection of soft drinks, beers, wines and selected spirits at very fair prices. On request, you can book a drinks package for 30,- €. per person and day, which includes all drinks during your stay.
  • In the appropriate holiday mood and in good company, the controlled consumption of alcohol is not a problem. However, every guest should also know their “limits” and not exceed them.
  • Drugs in any form are strictly forbidden on our property! Violations will be punished immediately and will inevitably result in immediate departure.