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We offer four different, very erotic seminars for couples as well as for single women and men. These individual training courses are carried out jointly by us and are each tailored to the specific subject and the individual intentions and wishes of the participants.

In a very relaxed atmosphere, naked and without time pressure, the participants learn the various techniques and put them directly into practice together with us. The sensual and sexual experience is in the foreground of this stimulating and satisfying training.

Duration: 2 hours

The prices are per seminar and are 250,- Euros per single and 300,- Euros per couple.

Introduction into the Swinger-Lifestyle

„Everything can, nothing must“

With this seminar we primarily address the “newcomers” among the swingers. We will introduce you to the fascinating world of the international swinger lifestyle, familiarize you with the erotic rules of the game and characteristic manners, teach you the basics of practical implementation and point out the absolute “no goes”. Learn how to safely, stylishly and effectively implement your individual ideas and erotic fantasies, live out your sexual desires, enjoy the new variants of pleasure and enrich your partnership and sexuality through the various facets of swinging.

Liebesschule für Männer

Orgasm school for women

“Better cumming”… redefine your orgasm!

Let yourself be introduced to the various techniques of masturbation. Learn how to masturbate with pleasure, find your G-spot and learn to intensely stimulate your clitoris. Enjoy the many different types of vibrators, dildos and sex toys of the latest generation. Experience unexpected satisfaction up to total ecstasy…

Orgasmusschule für Frauen

Love school for men

…how to properly satisfy a woman?!

In this seminar you will learn what and how women really want it..! You will learn how to sensitize the female body, the fine art of oral satisfaction, sensitive stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris and various love positions for very intense, pleasurable orgasms together.


Introduccion seminar BDSM

…from soft to hard!

With this seminar, we specifically address newcomers in the field of BDSM, both interested couples and male and female singles. We show you the different facets of this fascinating world of sexual submission and lustful humiliation, absolute obedience and willless devotion. In this introduction, we will first familiarize you with the basics, rules and absolute no-goes. We will then introduce you to some of the diverse types of BDSM and their specific basic techniques in practice and lead you to the various specialist areas in an extremely sensitive and responsible manner.

Einführung BDSM